Case Background

Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in Murder Sleuths.  Not all murder mystery companies are created equal... Murder Sleuths are head and shoulders above all the rest.

Each of our events is set around a theme.  We have many interesting plots and new ones are being added all the time to satisfy those guests returning for more deception, mystery and intrigue.  Although the plots are all fictitious, we invite you to suspend your disbelief and play along by asking questions and making astute observations.  Forget your inhibitions; this is not a time for that true British reserve.  Don't feel awkward about asking those delicate or probing questions.  If, however, you would prefer to be less involved - you can just enjoy the evening as an eyewitness.

The actors dine with the guests so you have an opportunity to question your suspects throughout the event.  This is a highly interactive and engaging experience. 

You typically begin your experience in a reception (usually the bar).  The characters will arrive in line with the plot and begin interacting with the guests.  There is usually a competition of some kind to help ease you in.  As you go into dinner, a Detective Inspector arrives and announces the details of an 'off-scene' body.  Any information the Inspector receives is displayed for you to peruse.  The true personalities of the characters are revealed as their backgrounds, machinations and motives for murder are exposed.  It might be worth noting any reactions of the characters as they could give themselves away.  The dedicated sleuths amongst you should begin to form a theory.  You could be sitting next to the murderer!  Only by asking questions and staying alert can you hope to solve the mystery.

Just as you think you might know who it is, another heinous crime is committed. Is that your Prime Suspect lying there?  You will then be invited by the Inspector to help solve the murder of... The murders are linked. 

After the entries have been handed in, the Inspector will read from their police report to establish the killer.  The villain is then arrested and the cast exit (usually to a round of applause). 

We all return immediately and the actor/organiser makes a short speech thanking the guests, the staff etc. and awarding a prize to the entry that was absolutely correct - or sometimes close enough!  We then, for a short time, mingle with you for the first time out of character - as ourselves - and answer any of your questions.

If you would like to make a booking or require further information please contact us.